Human Resources Director

1101 Winters Ave, Grand Junction, CO 81501, USA

Type of Job

Job Location

Full-Time (Exempt)

About the Job

Riverside Educational Center (REC) provides academic support and educational enrichment in the after-school hours at 15 local schools for students in grades 1st -12th. REC is a fast-paced, growing organization offering a visionary HR Director the opportunity to create and implement optimal systems. The Human Resources Director is responsible for all HR functions and duties, including recruitment, on-boarding, staff and volunteer training, employee relations, HR systems, and other duties as assigned. The position also provides support to REC programming through the coordination of meaningful staff development
and continuing education. The preferred candidate will have strong propensity towards process improvement.


Human Resources

● Participate as a member of REC’s Leadership Team. 

● Create and implement Human Resources systems, policies and procedures. 

● Assist and implement the transition to paperless HR processes. 

● Review and update HR Standard Operating Procedures, job descriptions, and other HR materials. ● Review and update employee handbook. 

● Work with Program Director to identify staff needs at sites. 

● Identify and create strategies for meeting additional staffing needs across the organization. 

● Staff recruitment (create job descriptions, post job listings, creating hiring processes). 

● In-person staff recruitment across the community (ie: in-person presentations at CMU, High Schools, Service Clubs, publications, WorkForce Center, any/all identified). 

● Oversee onboarding and training of staff. 

● Oversee evaluations process and raises. 

● Maintain and update evaluation rubrics for all staff. 

● Manage employee issues as needed. 

● Conduct annual wage analysis. 

● Attend periodic trainings and continuing education. 

● Review and approve Quickbooks Time and Time and Effort documents. 

● Coordinate Staff Appreciation. 

● Guide and support any Staff Improvement Plans. 

Volunteer Recruitment and Training

● Recruit volunteers as appropriate. 

● Coordinate training for volunteers. 

● Manage volunteer issues as needed. 

● Coordinate Volunteer Appreciation. 

REC Program Support 

● Organize new staff trainings and continuing education sessions both at the REC office and at      program sites including: trainings for new hires, continuing education, identified skill needs, etc. 

● Visit program sites (up to 3x per week as time allows) to better understand the role employees play at sites and to experience the difference REC makes in the lives of students. 

Other Duties As Assigned


● Bachelor's Degree, emphasis in Human Resources or three years HR experience.
● Masters Degree or equivalent experience taken into consideration regarding compensation.
● Proficiency in Google Suite or ability to learn.
● Ability to learn quickly and adapt to a fast-paced environment.
● Confidence to suggest new ideas and help REC continuously improve internal processes.
● Strong leadership and organizational skills.
● Ability to interact with people of all ages and cultural backgrounds.
● Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
● Effective oral and written communication skills.

Position Details

● Full-time (40 hours a week)
● Salaried. Compensation based on qualifications and experience.
● Total Compensation Range: $48,300-58,300
$42,000 - $52,000 (Salary)
$500/ month Health Stipend and $25/ month Phone Stipend (Benefits)
● Vacation/PTO: 29 days annually
Nine (9) paid holidays
One week (5 days) scheduled PTO in December.
One week (5 days) scheduled PTO in July.
Ten (10) additional days of flexible PTO